Line-X of Indy
Bragging Rights
Browse through our gallery of custom projects that we proudly brag about and share photos of in conversation with random strangers.  
  1. Rock'em Sock'em Robots
    Dave & Buster's Indianapolis needed a solution to the the game being inoperable due to the plastic pieces breaking.
  2. Custom Bed Tags
    We make our own bed tags. Did we mention we can make signs and tags now?
  3. Black Ultra Street Glide
    Black Ultra Line-X on a street glide we built. This was a frame with mismatched seat and fenders. We updated the bells and whistles to create this mean looking, indestructible Street Glide.
  4. Sign Prototypes
    We made a few new signs for our building. We didn't like the first one.
  5. Truck Gear Truck Sign
    We made and added the truck above our existing Truck Gear by Line-X signage that corporate sent us.
  6. New Signage
    We made our new sign. Oh yeah, we do signs now too!
  7. Not just signs, wall art too!
    Our creativity knows no boundaries. We will create or Line-X anything.
  8. Rock'em Sock'em Solution
    We color-matched the plastic pieces and sprayed them with Line-X. The body parts won't break again no matter how much abuse the robot takes.
  9. Hard Headed
    We can spray Line-X in any color with smooth or rough finishes.
  10. Matt's bike
    Our sales guy/Jeep specialist Matt really likes to show off his bike. We don't mind, we helped him create it.
  11. Matt's bike
    Line-X Ultra
  12. Another military bike
    A before and after picture of how we do embossed decals
  13. Lit up Camaro
    A lighting project we did on a Camaro.
  14. Wheels
    Standard coating on a set of rims
  15. Speaker Box
    We aren't sure of the sound dampening or amplification, but we'll Line-X it anyway.
  16. Vanetti's Bike
  17. QUAD
    Don't scratch your paint and make washing off the mud easier.
  18. Golf Cart
    One of our business neighbors moved out and offered us the golf cart for free. We took it. What else were we supposed to do with it? Of course we Line-X'd everything we possibly could...
  19. Rolling Advertisement
    ...then we lifted it. Then we added accessories. We added almost everything we offer: new bumpers, step bars, winch, CargoGlide bed tray, strobe lights, and a loud air horn as the cherry on tip. Psst: it's for sale!
  20. Before & After Baptistry
    If you know of a baptismal pool that could use a refresh, let them know about Line-X.
  21. Tank Pinstriping
    Ultra Line-X on a tank with Pinstripe paint by Lil Bill
  22. Various Motorcycles
    Some of our older bikes you may have seen scooting around town.
  23. Monster Energy Bar
    A rolling bar for Monster Energy Drinks
  24. Playground
    The poles have been sprayed with Line-X to keep them from rusting.
  25. Pools
    We can also Line-X or provide solutions to pools and pool cover systems.
  26. Chocolate Slide
    The chocolate slide and all brown coated structures at The Children's Museum were coated by Line-X of Indy.
  27. Children's Museum
    One of the first pieces we did with McGuire Scenic for The Children's Museum.